Insect screens for windows

Choose the most suitable insect screen for your premises that will protect you and can be easily open and closed.

The insect screens we offer are high quality and along with preventing from unwelcome fly and mosquito ingoing, they are resistant to bad weather conditions. We offer: roller, fixed, hinged and pleated screens.

Roller insect screens

Roller insect screens are with aluminum profile and fiberglass mesh. There is also an aluminum box where the mesh is rolled into. Their advantage is that they can be rolled up and down at any time so during autumn and winter period when not needed, the mesh is hidden in its box and does not disturb your comfort.

Pleated insect screen

Pleated insect screen is suitable for doors as it is folded at one of the ends with a horizontal movement.

Hinged insect screens

Hinged insect screens are attached to the frame with hinges and a lock. They are resistant to bad weather conditions.

Fixed insect screen

Fixed insect screen is used mainly for windows which function as ventilation, such as bathroom windows.