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The services we offer are manufacture, installation, replacement and transportation.


ANDREA PLAST offers high-quality production of PVC and Aluminum systems. Our team of specialists devotes great attention to the process of making your windows and doors.


Installation is extremely important for the long-lasting exploitation of windows and doors. Poor installation in any aspect can make even the highest-quality product unusable. That’s why our team consists of highly-qualified technicians, who pay great attention to even the smallest details.

Our goal is to offer you a products and installation which will fully satisfy the demands of your household and office. Adequate installation and quality production are the basic prerequisites to long exploitation.


Replacement and transportation of the old windows and doors. Replacement is associated with inconvenience in the building and neighbours’ resentment, therefore it is important to accomplish it quickly and at a time, considered for repairs. Our experts pay special attention to the area securing and to the careful dismantles of the old windows or doors.


Our company offers transportation of the old dismantled windows. At a customer’s request, we can accomplish this service.

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